nakedeggcozy (nakedeggcozy) wrote in weluvmstrb8ting,

By the river

On a recent road trip, I made a pit stop by a river off the highway. The parking lot was significantly lower than the road, and the bank of the river sloped dramatically downward, out of view of any cars.

It was around 5pm or so, so the sunlight was starting to weaken but still strong and bright and warm. I peered over the edge of the bank and found a sturdy root that could function as a little bench. I carefully slid down to it and sat and observed the water for a bit.

Slowly, the urge to caress my pussy started to take over. I was wearing a skirt, so that made things easier. I hiked it up to my waist, and pulled my sports tank top down over my breasts so that they tumbled out and over. I slid my underwear to my ankles and spread my pussy open to the river and the embankment opposite mine. I sat there for a little bit, feeling the warm sunlight on my pussy lips, and letting the exhilaration of sitting vulnerable, spread-eagle, turn me on. If anyone had been sitting opposite the river, they would have gotten a great view of my pink pussy, breasts pouring out of a tight tank top, nipples on the edge of the fabric.

I could feel my pussy start to tingle and swell. I slid a finger down my slit, starting at my vulva and moving slowly upward to my clit. It was getting a little slick down there. I reached down with my other hand to spread my pussy open even more to the air, to hold it open like that while my fingers went up and down, spreading the juices from my swollen vulva to my now tingling clit. I imagined someone on the other side of the river, watching me play with my clit through his binoculars, dumbfounded at what he'd just stumbled across. Would he try and make his way to me? Crawl onto the bank, push my thighs open even further, and plunge his face into my pussy? Tickling my clit with the tip of his tongue... or would he just watch as I fingered myself, moaning quietly as my finger circled my swelling clit, making it bigger, more sensitive, pulsating slightly at every touch. Licking his lips, pulling at the hardness in his pants.

I plunged two fingers into my pussy and thrusted - in and out, in and out, little squelching noises coming from my wetness, pushing the air out of my lungs with each thrust, feeling my juices running out of me and onto my thighs. I slid my fingers out, licked them a little, and ran them the length of my vulva to my clit and back again, lightly brushing my anus, tickling it, before I went back hard on my clit, making it tingle and making myself squeal and squirm on the branch I was sitting on. I spread my thighs open even further, as far as they could go, giving my imaginary audience a full, unadulterated view of my glistening wet pussy, throbbing clit. I reached up for my breasts and pulled at my nipples while another hand rubbed furiously at my wetness. I imagined a group of guys coming across me, circling me, making me masturbate for them while they watched, then gangbanging me by the river, one after the other, mounting me... making me cum.

I came with a yelp and a squirt, the sunlight pouring down on my slit, pussy juices all over my thighs and ass. It took me a while to stop bucking up and down like a horse, to stop feeling so sensitive on my clitty. I sat there for a while, spread open, while I calmed down, breathing slowed, dried out a little! I pulled up my underwear, smoothed my skirt, put my sunglasses back on and got in the car. it was a good drive home.

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