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What Is This, I Don’t Even - New Post!

Hi all! :)

Another post from my sex blog, Blacksilk's Boudoir, for you. I went into town recently with some friends and we came across the weirdest, most awful vibrators I have ever seen in my life. Honestly, they're dreadful.

So I thought I'd show you all in a post I call What Is This, I Don't Even. Yes, there are pictures. So, if you want to see the weirdness and enjoy me ranting about how these are awful ideas, come on over. I'll give you a sneak preview: one claims to be 'chocolate' (because women like chocolate more than sex, right?) and the other is the most terrifying thing I've yet seen.

Please leave a comment on the blog post if you want to say hi or have something to say! Thanks!
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Deleted comment

I think just chocolate-scented. Or I hope! And yes, patronise me, buzzing bit of plastic, you know I love that. :P
Just a quick note to say that Blacksilk’s Boudoir is now Being Blacksilk!