nakedeggcozy (nakedeggcozy) wrote in weluvmstrb8ting,

Clit rub

I love watching myself masturbate on camera. Here's a screenshot of the latest session. It's kinda blurry and I apologize but you can still see my swollen clit and some cum beginning to drip out of me. I fucking love tickling my clit and I love to watch my wet pussy glisten. It's so soft, wet, and warm and I love tumbling my fingers over it. This felt incredible.

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holy shit, i love this.
Do you ever cam with anyone else? If you do, where? I'd love to do it with you sometime.
Oh my so very sexy. I would love to help you out orally anytime.
Wow. If I can ever be helpful in your orgasmic endeavours, please let me know.
loverly pic!
that's fucking hot :D
Very hot! Would love to watch on cam sometime :)
god i would love to watch you.
Very nice.
One of the sexiest pictures I have seen in a long, long time. And you have a wonderful body as well. Thank you for sharing!
Beautiful and fucking sexy. Are you looking for new LJ friends?
i'd like to lick both.. pussy n vibe..
gorgeous...and sooooo arousing I just have to join in:)
Delightful photo. Thanks for sharing your adventure.
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